How to stop feeling like a victim in your life

victim mentality

Do you sometimes or often feel like a victim in your life? Well, you if you do, you are certainly not alone.

Feeling like a victim is all to do with our state of mind – our mentality. We think of ourselves as victims, and our thoughts become our feelings and our actions.

When you have a victim mentality you feel as though you cannot succeed no matter how hard you try and that everything and everyone is against you. Feeling like this can be very frustrating as it keeps you stuck.

You feel trapped and helpless and believe you have no control over your life. Your thinking patterns are likely to be negative and very pessimistic. There is also a strong chance that self-pity and sadness are familiar features of your life.

The “benefits” of having a victim mindset

Believe it or not, having a victim mindset is attractive to some people because they believe it holds several benefits, such as:

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The best Christmas gift you can give yourself

The best Christmas gift you can give yourself by K.J. Hutchings

Christmas is traditionally a time for family and friends, but it should also be a time for you too.

Give yourself an important gift that costs nothing but is nonetheless precious: a little time to quietly reflect back on the year that’s nearly over and think about the year that is soon to come.

Perhaps 2015 was a hard year for you because you suffered a loss, whether bereavement, the loss of love, security, health or money. Whatever your loss, I want to share with you some Christmas love and blessings, and wishes for a better year to come.

And perhaps you feel you didn’t achieve all you wanted this year. If you feel disappointed you didn’t achieve more, you’re not alone. I feel the same too, as do many others. But know this: what you have done has laid the foundations for the fruition of your plans. Remember:

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What it really means to be fearless in life – and love

What it really means to be fearless in life and love by K.J. Hutchings

I was very honoured to be a prize winner in the Serious Bloggers Only Autumn 2015 blog writing competition, especially considering this blog is relatively new. You’ll find me under the category of “Most Fearless writer” for my blog post What to do when your partner is still close to their ex, without seeming crazy or jealous.

Fearless? Moi? It got me thinking. What does it really mean to be fearless?

What do you think of when you imagine fearlessness? Do you picture an Indiana Jones type swashbuckling their way through life without a smidgen of fear or self-doubt? I’m guessing you probably don’t picture yourself like that. I don’t picture myself as “fearless” either.

Why we can never truly be fearless

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