10 powerful relationship mantras – free e-booklet

Would you like a simple technique that has the power to not only improve your relationship with your partner and loved ones, but also strengthen your self-esteem and wellbeing?

Then this free e-booklet containing 10 life-changing mantras is for you.

What is a mantra?

A mantra is a phrase or word that is repeated regularly to focus the mind. It states a belief and can be used like an affirmation – a positive, loving inner voice that helps to prevent negative self-talk.

We all have a “monkey mind” that jumps from one thought to another and sometimes feels like it’s racing at 100 mph. A mantra is a great way to calm the mind down.

An illustrated e-booklet of especially-chosen relationship mantras

In our busy lives (and monkey minds), we can often lose sight of the things that matter most – our relationships with our loved ones, and ourselves.

I wanted a simple and effective way to re-centre myself and remember how important my relationships are to me, as well as strengthen my self-esteem.

Heartfulness meditation helps me a lot, but I also wanted something I could do anywhere and quickly. So, I set about writing down and using some mantras.

The mantras in this e-booklet are my top 10 personal favourites and, in my opinion, the most powerful. They’ve made such a positive difference to my life that I’ll never stop using them.

Each of the mantras is illustrated with one of my paintings and has accompanying text explaining the mantra’s importance and relevance.

Try them for yourself and feel the difference

Mantras are meant to be used regularly in order to work best. But luckily, you can use them anywhere and they take only a little time. You don’t even need to say them aloud.

So try the 10 powerful relationship mantras for yourself and tell me what you think – just click on the box below.

Perhaps you have some favourite relationship mantras of your own? If you have, I’d love to hear from you.

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If you give love, you get love

if you give love you get love by K.J. Hutchings

You always get back what you put “out there”, so it makes sense that if you give love and kindness to others, it will come back to you, often in more ways than you can ever imagine.

Give love and kindness without any expectations. Don’t expect to get it back. Just give for the sake of giving. And know that in the gift of giving, you are already receiving a gift of your own – the knowledge that you are making someone’s life better, and in doing so you’re making your life better too.

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Sometimes love flies away

Love takes flight

Relationships can end for any number of reasons. And sometimes, love just disappears, as if your heart has flown away, whether to look for a more suitable partner or to focus on yourself and your needs.

Whatever the reason for the end of a relationship, it is important to remember that endings, no matter how painful, always promise new beginnings. The ending gives those involved the freedom to find something better – and to find themselves again.

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