My Lover's KeeperMy Lover’s Keeper: a novel about love, lies and betrayal – and a final reunion.

Get ready for a girl-meets-boy story with more twists than a love knot…

When Jude first met Elliot in London and fell in love with him, little did she realize their relationship would be surrounded by secrets, lies, jealousy – and past lovers – all of which would tear them apart.

Years later, reunited in Jude’s hometown in Dorset, they vow to give their relationship another try. But can love second time round ever succeed? And is it really possible to forgive the deceits and cruelties of the past and start afresh?

Inspiration for the book

It is in the intimate relationship between partners that people’s best and worst sides arise. We probably never hurt those so much as the people we love most and are closest to. But often, out of the most difficult and complex of relationships comes the most growth, the most learning.

My Lover’s Keeper is a mixture of “real-life” events and imaginings, a collage of universal human experiences pasted together to create a unique story (because everyone’s story is unique) of love, betrayal, jealousy, cruelty, healing and empowerment.

It’s not just a “girl-meets-boy” story; it’s also a journey of self-discovery, enlightenment, forgiveness and the right to decide over our own lives.

Keeper (noun / keep-er)

: a person whose job is to guard or take care of something or someone

: something or someone that is worth keeping; something or someone that is good, valuable, etc.

You’ll love My Lover’s Keeper if you:

  • Enjoy a great girl-meets-boy tale with an unexpected twist
  • Like a plot filled with intrigue, secrets and lies
  • Ever trusted your instinct only to find it misled you – badly
  • Have ever felt like a failure in your past or current relationship
  • Have ever sensed you were losing yourself in a relationship
  • Ever suspected your partner was too close to their ex
  • Know love shouldn’t hurt, but often does
  • Prefer your heroines to be flawed and fallible
  • Like a bitter-sweet ending

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