My novels and short stories focus on the difficulties people often experience in their relationships with lovers, friends, family and colleagues. All are based on my and others’ personal experiences and observations.

My Lover's KeeperMy Lover’s Keeper

A novel about love, lies and betrayal – and a final reunion. 

Get ready for a girl-meets-boy story with more twists than a love knot…

When Jude first met Elliot in London and fell in love with him, little did she realize their relationship would be surrounded by secrets, lies, jealousy – and past lovers – all of which would tear them apart.

Years later, reunited in Jude’s hometown in Dorset, they vow to give their relationship another try.  But can love second time round ever succeed? And is it really possible to forgive the deceits and cruelties of the past and start afresh? Novel coming soon.

Dancing Wounded and other storiesDancing Wounded

A collection of short stories about relationships, love, hate and everything in between

Get ready for tales of lost love, broken hearts and healing….

In this collection of short stories you’ll meet an artist who returns to her hometown and finds herself reliving her tough teenage years and schooldays…a woman whose broken heart has the power to make the weather go haywire…a traveller who takes a train across India to find her own voice…a love-lorn nightclubber who tries to dance away her heartache…and more stories.  Book coming soon!

I’ll be adding more self-help books, so please check back for updates. My current self-help book is:

Self-help anxiety book♥ Self-help eBook: “Everything you need to know about curing your anxiety quickly, easily and naturally”

Stress and anxiety happen for numerous reasons – work, stressful life events, health problems. None of us is immune.

Whatever the reason for your anxiety, this self-help eBook shows you how to regain control and manage any stressful situation. It will help you treat your stress and anxiety quickly, naturally and easily, that’s a promise.

I’ve based this book on my personal experiences of debilitating stress and anxiety, and a leading expert’s advice. I’ll show you:

The role of fear in anxiety...

How to find relief in 3 easy steps...

How to stop anxiety in its tracks – fast...

Tried-and-tested relaxation tips...

...and much more.

Not only will you very soon be able to handle your stress and anxiety (and help others do the same) but it also won’t cost you a penny either. It’s my gift to you.

K.J. x

This book will soon be available for free on Amazon.