Let’s take some (but not all) of the romance out of Valentine’s Day

I love you - greetings cards by K.J. Hutchings

Yes, it’s THAT time of year again – Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and I bet the shops near you are bursting with cards, chocolates and cuddly toys.

Whether or not you buy into the celebration, you can’t easily ignore its popularity. Some argue it’s commercialism at its worst, and others simply think it’s fun.

Valentine’s Day is sometimes hard for singletons

For singletons, it can be a mixed bag. You might feel as though you are suddenly surrounded by loved-up couples, making you feel lonely and unloved (or even nauseous). On the up side, you save money on chocolates and flowers :-).

I think some (but not all) of the romance should be taken out of Valentines. It should be a day to celebrate love in general – love for family and friends, and not just partners. Let’s celebrate love for love’s sake! And celebrate Valentines even if you’re single. Celebrate love and loved ones. Don’t be embarrassed to say “I love you” because one day your loved ones won’t be around to hear you say it. And you won’t be around forever to have endless changes to say it. That’s just how life (and death) is. So say “I love you” more often.

Self-love is never selfish

Regardless of Valentines and your relationship status, you should also cherish one very special connection – your relationship with yourself.

Cherish this most important relationship every day in ways that work for you – journaling, time alone, daydreaming, long walks with your dogs, yoga, painting, knitting, meditation, reading etc…Never put yourself last on the list. Never underestimate yourself. And never forget that:

You are loved by K.J. Hutchings - relationship writer and artist

You are loved – by you (self-love is never selfish), by your friends and family, even your pets, and you are loved simply because you exist. You are loved more than you realise.

So let’s celebrate love for love’s sake.

Happy Valentine’s Day XXOOXX

K.J. Hutchings is a relationship artist and writer dedicated to helping people feel good about themselves and their relationships. Her artwork and writing focus on self-love, self-empowerment and self-esteem – the basis for loving and successful relationships with others.

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